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About Wolpertinger Games

Wolpertinger Games was founded in 2009 by Sebastian Bender and Remote Control Productions. Starting as a student team turned professional game development studio, we aim to create seriously fun games and continue doing so to this day.

We are based in Munich, Germany - the capital of Bavaria - and are proud of our diverse, multi-cultural team from all across Europe. You may find us sometimes outside of our local realm, potentially in Lederhos’n or with a stein of beer, a Brez’n and some Weißwurst.

Our studio is named after the Wolpertinger, a small Bavarian creature, which consists of many different distinct parts of local animals. It is a sought-after hunting trophy, often displayed at Bavarian pubs. Rumors say, you can only find it at night when you’re drunk, because it is otherwise too shy to reveal itself to you. Like the Wolpertinger, our team and games are more than the sum of its parts - a unique and fun creation as the result of many different influences.

Only you can enjoy us and our games also without being drunk.


Name: Wolpertinger Games

Location: Munich, Germany

Founded on September 7, 2010

Website: www.wolpertingergames.com

Press & Business Contact: s.bender@wolpertingergames.com


Discord: Join our Server


The Wolpertingers started in 2009 as a student team from Mediadesign University of Applied Sciences in Munich, where we met Hendrik Lesser, the CEO and founder of Remote Control Productions (RCP). The team was working on its first game, titled Phobos, an award-winning prototype of a 1st-person narrative puzzle platformer, and wanted to break into the games industry with a publishing deal for Steam and Xbox Live Arcade. In 2010 Wolpertinger Games was officially incorporated by Sebastian Bender and RCP.

Getting published with Phobos has proven more difficult than expected without prior experience. So we decided to build a console track record by creating two Xbox Live Indie Games, Quizocalypse and Poopocalypse in 2010, and started our successful mission as a work-for-hire development studio for games and gamified applications.

Between 2010 and 2022 we shipped over 35 successful game projects. Most of these projects had very challenging creative or technological constraints. This is an excerpt of projects from our past that we are particularly proud of:

  • In 2012 and 2013 we developed high-fidelity 3D games for mobile platforms like the iPhone 3G and 1st-gen iPad for Ravensburger, Wok Masters and Ravensburger Puzzle, and with Chimera Entertainment for Chillingo, John Woo’s Bloodstroke

  • In 2013, Kwizzer was one of the first cross-platform, multiplayer quiz games for Facebook (web) and iOS (native app)

  • Between 2014 till 2016 we built multiple serious games and gamified applications, such as:

    • Simvestor for Deutsche Bank, a fully simulated stock trading game to teach people about investing and financial markets

    • an AR app for Porsche to visualize chassis components in real-time through an iPad directly on cars in the showroom

    • therapeutic games for TEVA’s app, Aktiv mit MS, to help patients suffering from multiple sclerosis with everyday activities

  • In 2016 we ported the open-world game Stormwind, built on Unreal, to Nintendo Switch for Aesir Interactive and Eurovideo

  • Our first VR game, a narrative puzzle adventure for the original Oculus Rift headsets, was built in 2017 for Wikileaks; and with Aesir Interactive we supported development of various VR projects, like a collaborative, real-time VR design tool for BMW

  • With Cyber Mission: Befehlsrecht, the Bundeswehr introduced a training game for officer cadets in 2019, which we developed from scratch with an innovative method to teach and practice the law-of-command

  • In 2020 we finished an immersive roadshow truck for TEVA ratiopharm in collaboration with Redox Interactive as part of the campaign #10000LebenRetten. It teaches CPR in the style of an escape room with a fully digital 3D guide and simulated environment powered by a variety of sensors

  • At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched our pro-bono game SuperSimpleStuff: COVID-19 to support the messaging of the WHO around preventive measures to protect yourself and others from contracting the disease

Our latest notable projects from 2021 and 2022 include the console port of Rescue HQ - The Tycoon to PlayStation and Xbox for our friends at stillalive Studios and Aerosoft, and the development of Bus Simulator City Ride for astragon Entertainment in collaboration with stillalive Studios.

With a proven track record of games for literally all platforms we are now confidently starting a new chapter for the year 2023 and beyond - making our own games. With Survivor Mercs, we are working on an action-roguelite for PC for release in 2023, with console versions following in 2024.

Download the Wolpertinger Games logo & asset kit

Survivor Mercs Press Kit


Game: Survivor Mercs

Genre: Roguelite Bullet-Heaven Extraction Shooter

Scheduled Release Date: mid 2023 (Early Access)

Launch Platform:

  • PC (Steam, Early Access)
  • Steamdeck

Planned Platforms:

  • PC (other)
  • PlayStation
  • Xbox
  • Switch

Press & Business Contact: s.bender@wolpertingergames.com


Game Website: Survivor Mercs Homepage

Discord: The Wolpertinger Discord server

About the Game

Survive. Loot. Extract. Repeat!

Survivor Mercs is a roguelite action game that blends the bullet-heaven and extraction shooter genre for a challenging singleplayer experience where no two runs are ever the same!

The game combines elements of strategy, tactics, action, and adventure to create a truly unique and engaging gaming experience. You become the Commander of a squad of elite Mercs tasked facing an evil mega-corporation's private robot army on procedurally generated battlefields.

As the Commander, you build your squad from a large variety of Mercs with individual skill trees and weapon configurations. Each Merc has their own arsenal and behavior, and discovering their synergies is key to success.

The game's procedurally generated maps feature different mission parameters and unique bosses, adding a sense of unpredictability and excitement to every operation. Capture objectives to call in reinforcements or loot valuable items. But beware, every minute wasted on the battlefield is punished with more and stronger enemies.

Survivor Mercs also boasts a deep tech tree with a huge variety of meaningful unlocks and upgrades, providing plenty of opportunities to improve your squad and evolve your outfit into an overpowered war machine. 

But the real fun of Survivor Mercs lies in playing the genetic lottery with your Commanders. Each one is generated from a set of individual traits, resulting in thousands of individual combinations which have a real impact on the gameplay and don't just change some stats. Can you lead your squad to victory with a colorblind, megalomaniac Infiltrator? Or take on the enemy alone with a deaf, greedy One-Man Army? How about a nostalgic, vampiric Berserker? The possibilities are endless.

A demo for the game is currently in active development and will be available for Steam Next Fest happening between June 19-26, 2023.

The full game is planned to launch in mid-2023 into Early Access on Steam and Steamdeck.

Console versions for Survivor Mercs are planned to follow in 2024 after the full release on Steam and other PC digital stores.

Download the Survivor Mercs press kit