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Joyful Games

This is a selection of some of our game projects we developed and produced.

Bus Simulator City Ride


Take the driver’s seat and transport people in a lively city with officially licensed buses by famous brands: Mercedes-Benz, Setra, IVECO, BYD, Volvo, Scania, or MAN. Drive routes and complete campaign missions to unlock more buses, districts, and routes. Climb up the career ladder and build a network of public transportation service for your city.


Original licensed buses are waiting for you! Drive 10 buses by 10 world-renowned manufacturers – from electric buses to articulated or double decker buses. Together with brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, IVECO or BYD you get a variety of different buses. Thanks to detailed cockpits you can take over the driver’s seat and experience a real bus driving immersion. But it is not just driving immersion, while driving YOUR BUS.


Explore the game's very detailed and lively map!! The city of “Havensburg” is inspired by northern European cities and offers a variety of eye-catching buildings and landscapes with the nautical warehouse district, harbor, old town and countryside. In such a vibrant city, people want to get around and drink a coffee with friends in old town or visit the harbor with the family. Transporting people never gets boring, maybe they will share some stories with you. Now it’s your job to connect people in YOUR CITY.


Prove your driving skills: Make it to the top and build a successful bus transport company. While progressing the campaign, you can unlock more buses, districts, and routes. Build up a larger transportation network by driving routes to earn more credits and purchasing more buses. The success of the company is IN YOUR HANDS!


  • 10 original licensed buses from 10 renown manufacturers
  • Open realistic city inspired by northern European cities
  • Route management
  • Bus Fleet Management
  • Story Campaign
  • Drive Events
  • Voice-over


Release: October 2022

Client: astragon Entertainment, stillalive studios

Genre: open-world bus simulator

Platforms: Switch, iOS, Android

We lead the development in collaboration with stillalive studios to bring an open-world driving game of the beloved Bus Simulator IP to mobile and Nintendo Switch.

Rescue HQ - PlayStation & Xbox Port


Build up your emergency headquarters from scratch and design your own masterpiece. In Rescue HQ you build, organize and manage a joint station for firefighters, police and ambulance. Manage your resources wisely and master challenging emergencies to keep your city safe! Are you up to the challenge?


  • Manage three emergency departments under one roof
  • Build and expand your headquarters
  • Challenging resource management
  • Unforeseen and diverse missions
  • Extensive modding capabilities of all assets, maps, and missions
  • Day /night cycle with shift management and changing emergency types
  • Level up your rookies to veteran status


Release: October 2021

Client: Aerosoft, stillalive studios

Genre: management tycoon

Platforms: PlayStation, Xbox

We developed the console version of the game with a complete UI overhaul, gamepad support and extensive performance optimizations for last-gen consoles.

Ostwind (Stormwind) - Switch Port


Based on the successful OSTWIND (Stormwind) movies and bestselling books, you slip into the role of Mika and experience the fascinating world of the horse whisperer and her black stallion Ostwind up close.

A wide range of tasks are waiting to be completed around Gut Kaltenbach. There is also a lot to discover while you explore the area around Gut Kaltenbach on your own. Together with Ostwind you will reach places that have not been seen before.

Take care of Ostwind with dedication and always ensure his fitness, health and well-being.


  • Explore the open-world on horseback
  • Visit places modelled after the original movie and books
  • Care for your horse in various minigames
  • Complete various challenges while exploring the worl


Release: 2017

Client: Eurovideo, aesir Interactive

Genre: open-world riding adventure

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

We ported the PC game built on Unreal Engine to Nintendo Switch with extensive performance optimizations and adjusted input mappings and gameplay.

Wikileaks - A Puzzling Truth


Play Adam Wolfe, former Wikileaks journalist, in a near dystopian future. Your quest: solve a series of puzzles to unravel the mystery of the lost life insurance data files of a shattered Wikileaks organization. The question is: is transparency and freedom worth risking your life?


  • Experience the dangerous work as a whistleblower
  • Solve puzzles inspired by cryptography and espionage techniques
  • Unravel an intricate plot and learn about Wikileaks, whistleblowing and the important difference of privacy and secrecy


Release: TBA (demo in 2016)

Client: Wikileaks, Tellux next

Genre: VR puzzle thriller

Platforms: VR, PC, mobile

We created a full pilot episode of the game for mobile, PC and Oculus Rift VR. Development of the prototype was financially supported by FFF-Bayern.

Revensburger Puzzle


The best puzzle app – from Ravensburger, of course. Huge selection of motifs, intuitive control, original Ravensburger quality, beginner-friendly tutorials.

Ravensburger has been known as Europe's market leader for its high-quality jigsaw puzzles for over 50 years. From now on we combine the tradition and experience from the classic puzzle world with the advantages and possibilities of the digital one on iPhone and iPad.

Indulging in your passion for jigsaw puzzles has never been so easy. Regardless of whether you are at home or traveling - thanks to the mobility of your smartphone or tablet, you have your personal jigsaw puzzle collection at hand anytime and anywhere.

No lost parts, no occupancy of the dining table for weeks. Start the app, select the puzzle and get started. It doesn't matter whether you're a beginner, a kid or a puzzle pro: the original Ravensburger punches in 20, 40, 60, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400 or 500 pieces offer every puzzler a challenge.

The detailed tutorials provide an ideal introduction to the digital world of puzzles, so after just a few minutes you will be acting like a puzzle master and can enjoy 100% puzzle fun.


  • Realistic 3D puzzle with up to 500 pieces modelled after the original Ravensburger puzzle
  • 3.500+ official and licensed motifs with new updates every week
  • Dynamic, interactive sorting bar to puzzle your way
  • Lots of helpers to enjoy a quick, portable jigsaw puzzle session
  • Optimized for all devices, down to the iPhone 3g


Release: 2013

Client: Ravensburger

Genre: jigsaw puzzle

Platforms: Android, iOS

We developed the long-standing flagship title of Ravensburger which ran successfully for over 9 years with continuous content updates.

The game was discontinued in 2022.

Take It Easy


It’s a puzzle, it’s a brain teaser and it’s a game! It’s all three and much more! It is bingo with strategy! Place your pieces one at a time on the board. To score points, try to form continuous rows of the same color from edge to edge. But one wrong tile and the whole row is worthless. It gets harder as the number of empty spaces on your board, and your possible choices, diminish. Because once a tile is placed, it can’t be moved!

Take It Easy is a simple, yet surprisingly addictive and thought-provoking game that will give you endless hours of fun.


  • 140 brain-teasing puzzles 
  • 7 different game modes
  • 30 progressive challenge levels
  • 3 different visual themes
  • local multiplayer for up to 4 players


Release: 2015

Client: Ravensburger

Genre: puzzle

Platforms: Android, iOS

We fully overhauled the game and developed a local multiplayer and new game modes to make this game one of the highest rated and longest running franchises of Ravensburger. 

John Woo's Bloodstroke


Step into the boots of Phalanx’s Elite Private Security Agent, Mai Lee – codenamed Lotus, as she shoots and slices her way through the streets of Hong Kong and Beijing to ensure the safety of her first assignment.

Protect Dr. Koorse at all costs! Draw enemy fire and use a selection of lethal melee weapons and guns to keep gangsters, snipers and katana-wielding bikers from assassinating your client.

Equip Lotus with an arsenal of deadly blades and firearms. Cut down your foes using dual chackrams and blow them away with grenade launchers and shotguns to decorate the streets of China with red ink.

Blending traditional brushstroke visuals with John Woo’s signature balletic violence, Bloodstroke is authentically presented with distinct graphics and sleek comic book panel cut-scenes that unravel into a compelling tale of betrayal.


  • Sumi-e inspired art style with blood-red ink
  • Non-stop shoot'em-up action packed with bloody melee combat


Release: January 2014

Client: Moonshark/Chillingo, Chimera Entertainment

Genre: shoot'em-up action

Platforms: Android, iOS

We supported our partners at Chimera Entertainment with gameplay programming and optimization necessary to bring the stylized 3D  game to the mobile platforms.

COBRA KAIII - The Strikeback


Choose your side: Miyagi-Do vs. Cobra Kai

Pick your favorite fighter and beat the crap out of the other dojo fighters, including the stars of the series. Share your score with an edgy meme from the series with your friends to challenge them for a duel. And with every score, you will get closer to unlock a hidden fighter - only for the winning dojo at the end of the campaign: the launch of season 3 of Cobra Kai.


  • Hyper-casual, single input, endless beat'em-up
  • Hunt for highscores and challenge your friends
  • Unlock the 8-bit hommage of the main theme as a ringtone for your phone
  • Compete with your favorite dojo for a secret character


Release: January 2021

Client: Netflix, David+Martin

Genre: hyper-casual beat'em up

Platforms: HTML5, WebGL

We lead the development in collaboration with FRAG Games for this marketing stunt for Netflix.