We take fun seriously.

Serious Projects

This is a selection of some of the non-entertainment games we developed and produced.

Interactive Roadshow: #10000LebenRetten

TEVA ratiopharm built a truck to travel Germany for a campaign to encourage more CPR training. We lead the production for an interactive, escape-room-like simulation in which you could train CPR on a puppet and how to use a defibrillator.

The room at the back of a trailer was fully digitized with a networked PC, multiple displays and sensors and an animated 3D avatar who guided the groups through the process of performing CPR correctly. The experience was fully automated and did not require a human coach. 

The roadshow was so popular that is was extended for 2 more years after its premiere.


Release: July 2021

Client: TEVA ratiopharm, Gamify now

Genre: digitally enhanced escape room

Platforms: PC

We lead the concept, game & UX design and interior design, collaborating with Redox Interactive for the technical development of the networked infrastructure for the displays and sensors.

AISCO Firetrainer

Training the correct usage of fire extinguishers is not possible indoors - until now. We developed the system and software for AISCO's patented technology to perform fire fighting training in VR and on a hybrid XR "portal" system.

You can use real fire extinguishers mapped with Vive Trackers in both applications. The tool is being used by professional coaches and consultants and features multiple different extinguishers, e.g. CO2, powder, water and foam, as well as different scenarios to practice their correct use and application.

The fire is fully dynamic with a particle flow simulation to enable very realistic behavior of flames and extinguishers alike.


Release: January 2023

Client: AIRSCO Firetrainer, Gamify now

Genre: hybrid VR training simulation

Platforms: PC VR, HTC Vive

We implemented a realistic fire simulation and designed a hybrid system to switch between a VR and MR environment using Vive Trackers and real fire extinguishers in both cases.

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SuperSimpleStuff: Covid-19

When Covid-19 ravaged the world, we decided to create a web game and mobile app to reinforce the WHO's recommendations about preventing and behaving best with a Coronavirus infection. 

The game wrapped 10 official WHO statements into a playful puzzle and quiz game, e.g.:

  • Wash your hands regularly, correctly and thoroughly
  • Don't go panic shopping
  • Practice social distancing & greetings without touching
  • Don't sneeze into your hands or at others
  • Don't go visit a hospital when infected but call your doctor
  • Play games together instead of meeting in person

The game's structure can be applied to other compliance contexts and is available for licensing.


Release: May 2020

Client: pro-bono collaboration with Medical University of Vienna and Pfizer

Genre: compliance puzzle & quiz game

Platforms: web (HTML5), iOS, Android

We designed, developed and published the game to support the official WHO messaging at the start of the pandemic.

Cyber Mission: Befehlsrecht

The game is used by the German armed forces in training their officer recruits in law-of-command. It offers an interactive way to solve legal cases by looking for clues and correctly categorize them to determine if an order is legally binding or unlawful.

This application is being used in the classroom and teaches critical information in an interactive, fun way. Students using the app proved to be better in tests than recruits who didn't train with it.


Release: Oktober 2021

Client: Cyber Innovation Hub, Deutsche Bundeswehr

Genre: point & click adventure

Platforms: Android, iOS

We designed and developed an innovative game loop to examine real legal case studies based on the legally binding process for soldiers and officers giving and receiving orders. 

AR Chassis Visualization

Used in car dealerships, this iPad app was able to recognize a vehicle and render various chassis components and animations to explain how certain technology in the car works. The augmented reality (AR) application allowed free movement around the car and used various elements like a simulated, curved road to show how the technology works - and why it may be worth the extra cost.


Release: May 2015

Client: UDG, Porsche

Genre: interactive AR mobile application

Platforms: iPad

We designed and developed this high-fidelity AR app for usage by sales reps based on the earliest available AR technology for iPad.

Aktiv mit MS (multiple sclerosis)


The "aktiv mit ms" app complements the diverse offers of the "aktiv mit ms" program for patients with multiple sclerosis.

With this app, you can plan your MS therapy and other medications, be reminded and continuously document symptoms and personal well-being and learn to cope better with your everyday life. In addition, the clear documentation is a valuable basis for your next doctor or MS consultant visit.

With the "aktiv mit ms" app, you can train your cognitive abilities on the go every day. Registered members have access to 14 different training courses.


Release: 2012

Client: TEVA, Chimera Entertainment, Gamify now

Genre: puzzle & cognitive trainigg

Platforms: Android, iOS

We designed and developed multiple cognitive trainings and supported the transition of the app to tablets and newer mobile phone generations.