We take fun seriously.


One enemy army horde. One trusty squad of elite Mercs. Thousands of unique Commanders.
Welcome to the most ridiculously randomized bullet-heaven!

GIF of a gameplay scene in Survivor Mercs

You are the Commander of your Merc squad!

Exterminate hordes of enemy troops and mighty bosses with thousands of unique weapon and skill combinations.

Start each Operation with a unique Commander generated from quirky, random Traits. Figure our your best tactic to create the most broken, OP squad as you capture one Objective after another to call in new Mercs and level-up your Gear on procedurally generated maps.

Grab all the Loot!

Then choose to face the Boss or find the Extraction Point. By extracting and saving your Commander & Mercs you get temporary bonuses for your next run. And the next one, until you inevitably fall in battle!

Spend your Loot on upgrades & new stuff!

Build up your bunker HQ to recruit new Mercs, buy more Gear, open up additional Maps & Operations and research powerful, permanent upgrades. And save up for that Clone Bay to frankenstein your own Commanders.

GIF of a gameplay scene in Survivor Mercs

No run is the same!

Test your skills in this wacky blend of auto-shooting and twin-stick shooter. Perfectly time your active abilities, test your aim with an armed Commander or control the horde and support your squad with tactical Traits. Find the best Gear and Merc combinations to max-out your killing potential - every time again!

Can you survive with a colorblind, megalomaniac Infiltrator leading your squad? How about a deaf, greedy One-Man Army - without a squad but armed to the teeth? Or a near-sighted, vampiric Berserker? No matter the combination, each run will be unique and fun with its own set of challenges and mechanics.

And then there's the secrets...

Your Mercs await their Commander.

Come and join the official Survivor Mercs community at the Wolpertinger Hive

You can talk to us and get all the latest updates about the game!


This list of features is constantly expanding:

  • Control a Commander, generated from 3 random Traits, with thousands of unique combinations
  • Build your squad from a large variety of Mercs with individual skill trees and weapon configurations
  • Select from dozens of Gear items to modify and improve your squad and Commander
  • Conduct your Operations on distinct Maps with different mission parameters and unique Bosses
  • Progress through a deep tech tree with a huge variety of meaningful unlocks and upgrades
  • Full gamepad and keyboard+mouse support
  • Enjoy the game your way with personal accessibility preferences & custom input mapping
  • (planned) Show off your Steam Achievements & collect Trading Cards
  • (planned) Stream the game with a Twitch integration and enjoy ridiculous randomization powered by your community


Our goal is to create a squad-based bullet-heaven that offers endless replayability powered by Ridiculous Randomization.