Wolpertinger Games

is an independent game developer with the vision of creating games based on highly sophisticated, polished and fun gameplay mechanics. Versatility and flexibility are two of the core values. Working with cutting-edge technology, utilizing agile development and a sound approach to various platforms are basis for the focus on creating fun gameplay for the right audience.

These principles are applied to projects not only meant purely for entertainment – we also create fun games for advertisement, information or educational purposes.

Wolpertinger Games was founded by Sebastian Bender and the independent production company Remote Control Productions GmbH in 2010. The team already formed in 2009 at university – developing an early prototype of the innovative 1st-person puzzle platformer Phobos that was nominated for multiple international games awards, winning a Gamesload Newcomer Award in 2009 and the Game Connection America's Selected Projects "Best Game 2012" Award.

Wolpertinger Games:
• developed and published two Xbox® LIVE Indie Games, "Quizocalypse" and "Poopocalypse"
• helped with development on two PlayStation 3 titles
• developed the Facebook and iOS cross-platform game "Kwizzer"
• developed the iOS arcade bobsledder "Wok Masters 2012"
• created two branded advertisement games for a major Austrian retailer and a German publishing company
• partnered for development of Hollywood star director John Woo's mobile action title "Bloodstroke"
• developed the Ravensburger Digital signature project "Ravensburger Puzzle" for iOS & Android
• developed and co-designed Ravensburger Digital's "Take it Easy" remastered edition for iOS & Android

...and we worked together with GAMIFY now! on various gamification projects for world-leading car manufacturers, finance companies and pharmaceutical businesses.

We can help you with

• game and application development
• game designs & concepts
• game & technology prototypes
• interactive vizualizations & presentations
• API integrations
• music composing & sound effects
• gamification, edutainment & advergaming
• frontend & backend programming
• visual effects design & integration

We specialize in

• touch & mobile devices (iOS / Android / Windows tablets & smartphones)
• PC, Steam & major consoles
• Facebook & browsers
• Unity3D
• 3D graphics & interface design
• hybrid games with AR & NFC technologies
• Augmented and Virtual Realities (AR & VR)
...and fun, seriously!